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5 Must Bring Essentials For Safe and Easy Traveling

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These are our tried and tested, non-negotiable items to bring beyond the mandatory necessities when traveling anywhere in the world. 

1. Portable Charger 

    There are tons of options out in the market and having experimented with various alternatives ranging from wireless chargers to plug-ins, I've consistently relied on Anker's Power Bank over the last few years. It boasts a compact design while delivering ample power to recharge my phone up to three times.

power bank portable charger


2. Multi-Charging Cable

    These prove invaluable if you opt for traveling light and dislike carrying numerous cords. The sole drawback is that they don't recharge your devices as swiftly as the original charger, making them ideal for overnight charging or during periods of downtime. 

multi cord plug charger for iphone


3. Medicine Travel Organizer

If there's one thing I've learned from my travels, particularly on solo journeys, it's the absolute necessity of carrying essential medications for common ailments. While delivery services can be convenient, there are unfortunate instances when leaving your hotel room might not be feasible, or you may be in a remote location where other people might not be able to help you right away. I must share, keeping common medicines handy have come to my rescue more than a few times! 

Quick tip: Label your medicine! 


Medicine Travel Container


4. Portable Door Lock

There's nothing like feeling safe especially when you're away from home. Having a portable door lock will provide you with an additional sense of security.

Quick tip: Practice using this portable lock on various doors in your home before traveling.

portable door lock

5. Organizer Pouch for Small Items

Keeping my small items organized in one pouch has proven extremely helpful during my travels. It eradicates the stress of rummaging through your belongings while on the move and giving you the time to stay aware of your surroundings. 

Quick tip: Store everything you need during transit in the pouch (such as passport, charger, pen, lip balm, wipes, etc.) and easily place it in the airplane pocket in front of you or keep it with you if you're in a vehicle. This avoids the need to go through your larger bag.

organizer pouch travel tech kit



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